Embroidery Service

We provide affordable embroidery service. For larger quanities, please call us at 510-644-1719 or e-mail us at joys1719@hotmail.com.

Embroidery Price List

By Hoop Size

12-inch Hoop Size

About 1-12 letters, 2 lines = $12.00 12.00
15-inch Hoop Size About 1-12 letters 3 lines = $15.00 15.00
8x11-inch Hoop Size 2-inch, 3-inch, depending on the number of letters in this hoop size 25.00


Greek Lettering Patch

1 Layer

3.5-inch, setup 25.00
  with hood top 55.00
2 Layers 4-inch with hood top 65.00


Group order discount given "face-to-face at front desk."